I preach about living your passion. I back that up by living mine.
So, GoldenWorld has been launched since August.
It’s my truth, set up in a human friendly format for your convenience.

The journey here wasn’t all dancing on rainbows and singing duets with penguins.*
*real life nannies only do that on Fridays
GoldenWorld came from the greatest loss of my life and a promise to show up.
Many moons later, here we are.

What makes GoldenWorld unique?
We are showing up for the soul and forgetting silly human social norms.
Punctuation, for example, is not a contender for the truth. Without spell check you’d be straining your eyes to figure me out. I just write.

GoldenWorld is built to connect those who have something to say, something to create, something to shine and those who want to listen.
So let’s give these humans an opportunity to connect with their soul and find the sweet taste of freedom.
REGISTER if you wish to share yourself. The button is on the website, nice and yellow, easy as can be.

Share, share, share and share some more.
Tell your people, tell the world.
Visit the website, LIKE the Facebook to keep up, find us on Instagram and follow along. Message me for business cards and I’ll send some your way.
The opportunity has been built for you. All that’s left to do is show up.

You’ve made it to the end of our journey.
You may now take off your seat belt and exit left.
Thank you for joining us today.

-Molly M. Hammis