As I sat staring at a phone screen, noticing the movements and sounds of my family, a feeling washed over me that I’ve never known before.
“What is this nonsense?” I thought.
“You chose to be here, you knew this would be so, you powerfully chose” I pleaded with my heart.
I could not shake this feeling. I kept shaming myself for this overwhelming emotion.
“You knew you would miss it all. You’ve been strengthening yourself for this exact moment.”
Still it gripped me. Still I lay in bed wiping my tears.
I welcomed any messages on clarity of what this feeling was.
Nothing came.

So, the answer lies within me.
Well, what? What is this feeling crippling me?
Love. It is love.
Pure, honest, real, deep love.

If you know me, you know what drives my every movement.
All these souls, arriving in their divine timing, have created my family, my people, my light.
I am a fireball, unable to be still and quiet. Living my power requires me to travel the world as the winds change.
So, when entering this lifetime on those terms I chose, I threw in a little extra challenge.
I gifted my human self with an unconditionally loving, ever expanding, big hearted, loud and wild family.

Here I am, 27 years later, 8,000 miles across the ocean, experiencing the magnitude of this lifetime my soul created.
‘Simple’ was clearly omitted from the contract.
‘Ordinary’ must have made the angels and I laugh.
I came here with the knowledge of the Universe inside me.
My soul’s supernova, is now.

-M.M.H. 7/11/17