We live not by the power of one’s mind nor the wisdom of one’s soul but by the power of one’s hand and the greed in one’s heart. — Sarah Moddrelle


My truth is written on my body. For me. I live it. I see it. I breathe it. I choose it. The easy journey would be to drown myself in mind altering pleasures. Burn my beliefs that divine love overcomes the human weight in me. Then I catch a glimpse of ink on my skin...


If you exposed your inner truth, what would we hear? Could you light up the darkness? Vibrate the air around you, like these gorgeous Earth beings. Autumn brings her teachings with her beauty. Keep listening.


You. That was the dream. Your eyes. Nothing in the world pierces through this armor of mine. Your smile. Stopped time. Sunlight to my sleepless nights. One heartbeat. Subtly signaling to the Universe our victory. One. Two. Three. Counting lifetimes side by side. You....


Eyes. The gateway. I believe all beings of the Universe are equal. Experiencing another life form’s energy can shake your world up. I’ve stared into a cheetah’s eyes until all barriers were stripped away. Find the core. Feel the vibration. Hold the power of the...